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Influencer Marketing on Autopilot

Finchfly simplifies advertising with social media influencers using it Artificial Intelligence Technology. Launch a campaign in under 4 minutes and our tech will take care of everything else. Searching, sourcing and hiring influencers, collecting and validating content, posting, analytics and reports. Influencer marketing on autopilot!

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In marketing trust and content is the secret

with Finchfly brands can collaberate with and Influencers and can get both trust and eye catching content
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With finchfly onnect with our 100,000+ trusted influencers and content creators and run campaigns with content which appeal your audience . In our "Finchfly Match Campaign" we takes care of Influencer searching, negotiation and legal compliance so you don't have to worry about it and so you focus more on your brand/product.

I am a Brand
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Finchfly makes the process of collaborating with brands and companies seamless. We send you relevant campaigns and provide all the details in an organized manner that makes it easy for influencers to understand and review before agreeing.We truly care for our influencers and make the whole process of working with a brand extremely easy and fun for you.

I am an Influencer/Creator

With FinchFly lead the game of marketing

Tell us why your product is so awesome, who loves it, and decide how you want the content to reach your customers. Our artificial intelligence finds the most relevant creators for your business, then scans for fake accounts and validates their content and engagement. Finchfly takes care of negotiation and legal compliance so you don't have to worry about it.

Launch your Campaign now!
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Why FinchFly?


Strengthen your brand

Lead the game of marketing just like big sharks by collaberting with our influencers which have your audience and added trust, respect and interaction.


Affordable campaigns

With FinchFly you don't need hugh budget to launch a campaign. At FinchFly, we care for our brands the most that's why here you can start a campaign for as low as $199.


Reach the right audience

With FinchFly's A.I. Algorithm and Influencers make a huge impact by reaching the correct audience and making more and more "Heavy Impressions".


Reliable Influencer

Our A.I. selects the right influencer which is just right for you, as per your need. We onboard an influencer after checking multiple criteria like engagement,fake following and audience ethencity.

They already trust us


FinchFly has helped us reach thousands of people with the right tools which helped us reach our audience and make our brand popular.

Atharva Kulkarni COO Easy Transportation

A must-try! There are many marketing platforms in the market, but only very few solutions guarantee their promises, FinchFly is true at the heart of influencer marketing.

Mr. Yogesh Khakre CS, BNest

You can launch your campaign in 3 different ways...

Finchfly Search


Find your influencers with the Ultimate Influencer Marketing Tool .Identify influencers on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest in minutes and contact them at scale!

Finchfly List


List your offer to thousands of influencers by filling out a simple media and we only send those offers to relevant ones. Once Influencers apply you can choose the best application.

Finchfly Match


In our Exclusive A.I matching, You can be matched to prefect and most relevant influencers for your brand, and there performance are guaranteed by finchfly.

Affordable Influencer marketing starting at just $199


  • Create and manage one influencer campaign
  • Create and share one custom influencer list
  • Limited access to influencer directory
  • Find influencers by location, category, engagement and reach
  • Finchfly Influencer Match (limited to one influencer match at a time)
  • Email and chat support from the Finchfly team
  • $199 - Basic

  • Create and manage unlimited campaigns
  • Access the influencer directory in full
  • Create and share custom influencer lists
  • Find influencers by location, category, engagement and reach
  • See influencer contact details
  • Finchfly Influencer Match
  • Email and chat support from the Finchfly team
  • $399- PRO

  • All BASIC plan features
  • Finchfly Influencer Match
  • Deploy cross-platform campaigns
  • Recommendations and advice from finchfly campaign managers
  • Analyze the location,gender,gender,interests of an influencer’s audience
  • All campaign briefs reviewed by experienced campaign managers